3 Marketing Mistakes that can Kill your Business

Why your Small Business Could Fail?

A small business owner of a hairdressing salon in North West Sydney doesn’t have a website or social media. The salon had been thriving since the 1990s. But over the last couple of years he has seen a steady decline in customers and couldn’t understand why. He has been doing marketing the same way ever since he started back in 1992.

Most small store or shop business owners have this exact same attitude. They often don’t understand that if things change, like the recent world changing, that doing business as we know it changes too.

Since our discussion the world has changed. Small business owners have to think differently about how they offer their services. This hairdresser has lost his small hairdressing salon, because his customers were too scared to travel to get a haircut. The rent was piling up, with no income coming in. He had to let go of staff and move his salon to his home in the South West of Sydney.

Now he faces the problem of getting his regulars to come to the new business location, when they live on the other side of Sydney.

3 Digital Media Mistakes to Avoid

Small business owners don’t have a margin for mistakes. They tend to fall short on time and resources. Below are 3 marketing mistakes that can kill your business and with tips to help you re-assess and fix your situation.

1) You don’t have a website.

In Australia only 68% of small businesses have a website and in the USA only 51% have a website.

Many small business owners believe they don’t need a website because they are a local business and local customers will find them.

Win every time with digital media outlines that 80% of customers in Australia and 96% in the USA, will research your business before they decide to buy your services or products.

Bottom line is, you need a website. Think of a website as a digital business card that get more eyes on it than handing out a physical business card.

Using social media alone is not going to cut it because you need to collect emails of prospects to sell your services and products. Even if they don’t buy now, they will later on once they’ve gotten to know you a bit more and feel that you’re a trusted expert in your niche.

How are you expected to be seen as an expert if you are not showcasing your work? Even social media posts alone does not show you are a reputable business or service provider. You need a website to provide a physical address and also an ABN or ACN number.

Maybe you feel that a website is too hard or expensive. There are many agencies who can make website design easy and affordable. For example, I offer affordable websites, such as a microsite which is a one page website at only $950.

2) You don’t track results

Whether you are tracking goals, visitors on your website with Google Analytics, conversions through pay per click ads, calls and foot traffic from an advertising investment, if you aren’t tracking them, you’re wasting your money.

By not analysing what works and what doesn’t, there’s no way to learn from mistakes or even know if you have made a mistake. Plus there is no way to improve your business and services.

Analyse your data at least once a month, quarter, six months and yearly to help you determine what you can let go of to reduce costs and what you can concentrate on moving forward.

3) You haven’t a marketing or media plan.

The best way to ensure your business succeeds is to write a marketing or media plan. Planning your marketing strategy, the specific tactics to use, costs and time frames will double your success rate.

You can write and plan a good marketing strategy in one afternoon that will be double the effectiveness of your marketing budget.



Discover How to Make writing your Secret Weapon, and why your audience doesn’t need you. Next let’s discuss how you can Leverage the best out of your customers. Hundreds of opportunities await when you’re bold with your digital media strategy.

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