6 seo secrets you should know and use immediately

Ways to boost your SEO high

Company websites that rank high on search engines have great content, address their audience’s search objectives, and optimize their websites correctly.

Yet very few people who engage in search engine optimization or design and build websites actually think carefully about SEO, or have a strategy to embrace it successfully.

There are several things can impact SEO success and these include:

Technical:  Specifically the performance, visibility, and how search engines access your website such as indexing and crawling, schema, page speed, site structure, and URL structure.

On-page: This is your content inside your web pages that is visible to browsers on your webpages (text, images, video, or audio), as well as elements that are only visible to search engines such as HTML tags, and structured data.

Off-page: This includes is anything that is not on your website that demonstrates your website’s authority, relevance, trust and building an audience which includes link building, social media marketing, PPC marketing, reviews, and user-generated content.

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Below are 6 SEO secrets that digital marketing agencies use to help you drive your website engagement rates from average up to excellent.

#1 Remove Broken Links

This is an important step that needs to be done on your website every month. Check to see if your website has pages that have links which are broken or are showing a 404 error and replace them immediately.

#2 Avoid orphan page

Pages need to have inter links within your website. No links to other pages means you’re restricting your website’s search engine optimization visibility.

#3 Keywords

Check for any keywords that you may be missing in your content that competitors are ranking high from. You can use those keywords in your web pages content.

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#4 Navigation

Easy website navigation is important for better user experience, so it’s easy for browsers to scroll through the website quickly and find relevant information. You only have 5-8 seconds to grab their attention, so make it count.


#5 Update your web pages

Make sure you update your old posts and web pages on a regular basis. The pages to update are the ones that are performing well, depending on how much traffic and leads you’re receiving. You can use Google Analytics to determine the web pages performance.


#6 Avoid keyword repetition

It’s important to avoid using the same keywords repeatedly on different pages. It’s best practice to target different keywords for effective SEO.


Avoid using black hat SEO techniques which goes against search engines guidelines to manipulate gaining higher rankings. These are mostly unethical tactics that end in a penalty from search engines and will push your website and pages to a lower ranking.

Black hat techniques include keyword stuffing, cloaking and using private link networks.

In comparison, white hat SEO is a more proactive and ethical way by creating quality content and better user experiences. This gives you lasting results.

Search rankings depend heavily on relevant content that earns high quality votes from algorithms.


Image: courtesy @Unsplash 2019