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8 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic and Gain Trust

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Each business owner who launches a new website or landing page experiences the frustration of attempting to gain website traffic. It takes time to build an audience.

In this blog we cover the following 8 ways to increase website traffic quickly and efficiently:


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Writing articles and blogs takes time and for many business owners this feels like too much work. You can outsource your blog writing to free up your time so you can concentrate on building your business.

The advantages of publishing blogs on your website is that it’s a great way to show influence about your business and leadership. Blogs brings visitors to your website, which creates a lasting impression on customers and prospects.

How do you increase website traffic and build an audience?

Here are 8 proven techniques that can help increase website traffic quickly.

1. Promote blogs across Social media

Share every new blog across your social media networks, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. When you spend time sharing in your networks, especially when the content is good or can help people, you will find that it drives some of the best traffic back to your business.

2. Write and publish more blogs

Studies indicate that the more frequently you publish on your website the more traffic you attract. Google gives higher priority to websites with new content, so try to publish a blog at least once-twice a week.

3. Figure out your niche

You may be considering several different interests that you like such as jewellery design, motor bikes, beach travel destinations and art, but you may confuse your audience when your content doesn’t follow a clear theme.

Find out who your target audience is first. What do they wish to know? Then write messages and create images to help them and drive your sales up.

4. Use engaging titles

The blog titles are almost more important. The title name helps readers decide whether to click and read more. Look at magazine covers for instance, they tend to lure you in with a promise or a solution to your problem(s). Make your headlines catchy and use keywords to increase website traffic (visitors) organically.

5. Insert photos

Many studies have shown that photos in blogs increase website traffic. A photograph makes the post more visually attractive. You can also use keywords in the ‘Alt’ picture tag on the image, to increase SEO (search engine optimization). Make sure you use royalty-free photos to adhere to copyright laws, or use your own photos.

6. Add Keywords

The simplest way to create more traffic to your website is to include a keyword plan for every page of your website. Select one keyword that you think your audience will use to discover your blog. Then add the keyword(s) to the name of the article, the headline on the page, inside the blog on the webpage, inside the featured photo or image on the webpage and as part of the webpage link (url). Keywords help Google understand what that page is about, and can increase traffic to your website organically.

When you cite another article, person, product or service inside your blog, add a link to their website. Get in touch with that business or person to let them know you have mentioned them and would they mind sharing it on their social media platforms or website.

8. Add social sharing buttons

In the very top or bottom of your blog posts make sure you add social media sharing buttons. Make it simple for website visitors to help spread the word.

In conclusion, it takes time to build an engaged audience and increase traffic to your website. Using several of the above tips will help you  increase website traffic and you will see a natural increase in leads and sales.


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