Why are communication skills important?

In a fast changing digital landscape, it’s tricky staying ahead of the competition. Especially when business owners or brands are looking for more innovative ways to offer services. That’s why good communication skills are integral to build your brand and your career. First you need to understand the nature of communication and why it’s so important for business success.

Communication is a process of sending and receiving information. We communicate person to person by having a conversation, and we communicate by sending information through emails, text messages and social media chats. Let’s not forget the printed medium such as books, newspapers and magazines. Remember those? These are now available as digital products on your smart devices.


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Communication helps to spread knowledge through information. For example, authors write books to share stories with the world, and coaches like myself share knowledge through online courses or blogs, podcasting and Youtube videos. Friends or co-workers discuss ideas with each other, and companies exchange information with employees, industry and their customers. This sharing of knowledge and information cannot function without communication.

The foundation of good communication skills starts with how you frame your day. It’s a good habit to have the right frame of mind before you communicate. There are 9 ways to feel good and lift your mood into a more positive one.

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Communication is the foundation of all human relationships. In the beginning, when strangers meet, they begin with small talk to get to know each other. This is where relationships are formed and they begin to have more interaction and communication.

Communicating helps people express ideas, their feelings, and at the same time, helps us to understand the emotions and thoughts of others. As a result, we can develop affection or even a dislike towards someone or something, where positive or negative relationships are created.

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Now that we have discussed  the nature of communication, let’s uncover why communication is important. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Communication builds and maintains healthy relationships

Relationships are built and can be maintained through positive encounters. And relationships can break-up by having negative encounters. Did you know that to counteract a negative experience, you need to have at least five positive ones with that same person to cancel any negative experiences out?

Communication is vital in every area of our lives. Without effective communication skills, it can be difficult to build and foster productive relationships at work or at home.

  1. Communication skills facilitates innovation

At work – when people feel comfortable in openly communicating new ideas, cooperation and innovation will be at an all-time high. In addition, if they are unable to convey their ideas, due to limited communication skills, it’s likely that ideas or brainstorming will not be implemented to reach the teams full potential.

  1. Communication builds an effective team

When open communication is encourage at work, teams become more cohesive and effective. Good communication skills within a team tends to boost morale. When employees feel they are well informed of the company’s direction and vision, they will feel more secure within their role.

When employees receive regular internal communications and are they’re reminded of achievements they will naturally feel that they’re working towards a common goal.

  1. Communication helps to manage employees

Good communication skills helps managers provide constructive feedback to their team. They’re able to ensure each employee has a set of responsibilities and what’s expected from them. This in turn builds better relationships, and helps them understand personal goals that their employees may wish to work towards. 

  1. Communication contributes to company growth

An organisation may collapse if there’s a lack of communication. This is evident through insufficient marketing or proficient communication skills internally and externally, making it impossible to survive.

Productivity increases through Good communication and through the implementation of policies and guidelines. The foundation of mostly large company structures use policies and guidelines. However even if you in a small company or brand, you still need some policies in place for legal reasons, like your privacy policy or terms of use on your website.

  1. Communication ensures transparency 

Organisations can remain transparent when regularly communicating to their employees and customers. This is important in building trust with customers about your brand, your services and also internally. Especially when it comes to the trust that employees have in higher management.

This means that when tough decisions need to be made, transparent leaders actually have an easier time explaining why. The process becomes clear and is accepted as a given.

The importance of excellent communication skills increases as you move up in your career. The ability to speak, listen, question and write with clarity and conciseness are essential – especially if you’re on your way to becoming  a manager or are an emerging leader.

Even if you don’t want a career as such, good communication skills will help you develop healthy relationships with the people you care for the most. Now isn’t that something delicious to bite into?

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