Social Media News #2

Social Media News Update #2

This is a new weekly update of what’s happening with social media platforms.

This is ideal for marketeers, business owners, entrepreneurs or anyone with an interest to use the latest and greatest tools in social media.


  • Facebook has added a “quiet mode” to its app, to make it less stressful as part of a wider response to the coronavirus pandemic, to improve the wellbeing of users. The quiet mode turns off notifications from the mobile app, and can be turned on manually, or at certain times of the day. It will stop push notifications and alerts while you are not using the app. You will still receive privacy alerts.
  • Facebook is ensuring users have access to accurate information and removing harmful content. They want to make sure that people have credible information across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp.
  • They are putting a stop to any COVID-19 misinformation across all apps, especially anything that is not fact checked.
  • Facebook are Investing $100 million in the news industry and supporting fact-checkers
  • They are also banning ads and commerce sites for medical face maskshand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and COVID-19 test kits.

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  • Instagram expanded user access to Instagram Direct messages via the web version of the app, letting you interact with your Instagram DMs via desktop.


  • Pinterest is adding a new ‘Shop’ option to your Pinterest boards, which will provide buyable product recommendations based on the Pins you’ve added to your collection.
  • They are adding a new ‘Shop’ tab, to make easier to shop in-stock products when searching on the platform.
  • Pinterest are also adding a new ‘Shop Similar’ button in visual search results, which will make it easy to find available products when searching.


  • LinkedIn has now made its new Virtual Events option available for all company pages as part of its efforts to assist brands dealing with the pandemic impacts.


  • YouTube has updated its desktop site to make it more touchscreen-friendly. When you use the YouTube desktop site with a tablet or laptop  touchscreen, you will notice the “three-dot” menu option is visible under all of the thumbnails of YouTube videos.
  • The new update also adds larger icon sizes and the option to swipe the player up to enter full-screen or down to transform it into a mini-player making them easier to tap.
  • YouTube’s latest update also includes improvements to “Watch History,” which tells you which videos you’ve watched on a particular day or date, to be easily organised.
  • There is also a new way to organise your playlists with a “Move to the top or bottom” option, so you no longer have to drag and drop videos.


  • Tech entrepreneur and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has donated $US1 billion to fund global coronavirus relief and other endeavours.He has set up a new company, Start Small, to distribute grants to causes and has made public a spreadsheet that lists where each donation has gone and why.


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