Social Media Update 3

#CariaSocial News Update #3

This is a new weekly update of what’s happening with social media platforms.

This is ideal for marketeers, business owners, entrepreneurs or anyone with an interest in using social media for your online marketing.


  • Facebook has published a new, 64-page guide of key tips and notes to help you maintain connection with your Facebook and Instagram audiences during this pandemic.
  • Facebook will be sharing a weekly schedule of free learning resources you can access that will help you manage your business on Facebook and Instagram in these challenging times.
  • Facebook is testing a new option that would let you keep your Facebook Stories active for up to three days, as opposed to only 24-hours.
  • Facebook is adding more educational elements this time it’s all about Facebook groups. Click here to get more information on the specific sessions, and register to attend.
  • Facebook has added a “care” reaction  which shows a face hugging a heart, to help people feel more connected with their friends and family during the pandemic.
  • Facebook is launching a dedicated gaming app called ‘Level Up’ to make it easy for users to stream with a “Go Live” button. Once live, streams appear on their personal pages, making it easier for friends and followers to watch. Similar to YouTube’s Partner Program, Facebook’s “Level Up” is designed to allow creators to monetise.

You can listen to the full podcast here:


  • Instagram has launched a new ‘Thank You Hour’, a sticker in stories that lets you show gratitude for what’s helping you through this time.
  • Instagram has released a new update for the separate iGTV app that basically highlights top creators.
  • Instagram has added their new gift card, food order, and fundraiser tools for ‘Stories’ and profiles, which help give businesses another way to generate income during the ongoing crisis.
  • Instagram is testing a new ‘Challenge’ sticker for Stories that lets you call on your connections to participate in visual competitions, in the effort to prompt more engagement.
  • Instagram is globally allowing people to watch and comment on ‘Live’ videos from their desktop, after launching it as a test, and has a button where you can upload your finished live streams directly to iGTV. You can chose to share a preview of your video on your feed. Comments and question stickers will not carry over to iGTV.


  • Youtube makes their video builder custom video creation tool available to more businesses. It is aimed at small business that need a simple, low cost way to create videos, that don’t have the creative experience or technical know how.
  • YouTube is testing a new ‘Video Chapters’ option that will display descriptions of relevant sections of your videos, within the playback timeline, along the bottom of the video post.


  • Pinterest is adding a new set of businesses to its Pinterest Shop showcase, in order to help provide promotion for those impacted by the pandemic, while also aligning with rising trends on the platform. Pinterest invites you to share your small business story here.

Extra Update

  • Shutterstock launched a new resource hub for COVID-19 related content and tools, which includes a selection of free visuals for use by Small and Medium Businesses


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