Social Media Update 4

#CariaSocial News Update #4

This is a new weekly update of what’s happening with social media platforms and a few extras:


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  • Facebook is testing a new option that alters the background colour of your profile within the mobile app, based on the dominant colour in your profile image.
  • The company has announced the expanded roll-out of its ‘Avatars’ custom, Bitmoji-like characters, which it first launched to Australian users in June last year across Europe
  • Facebook is making ‘Facebook Kids’ available in more regions with a new ‘Supervised Friending’ that has a parent dashboard within the app. It will help kids find more of their classmates and friends under a level of parent supervision.
  • The platform is adding new location markers on individual business profile posts, on both Facebook and Instagram, to highlight where the managers of that page or account are located, This will provide transparency to help you understand the information you’re seeing, and what the motivation may be behind the update.
  • Facebook has added yet another tool to ‘Stories’ of a new ‘Animate’ option, which lets you add basic motion, of varying types, to still images.

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  • Instagram is testing an option where you can simulcast your Instagram ‘Live’ sessions over to Facebook, enabling you to broadcast to your audiences on both platforms at the same time.
  • Instagram is testing a new ‘Stories’ sticker option where you share a business profile with your followers, including a header and a three-image preview that links through to a brand’s on-platform presence. The preview can be used as a promotional tool in Instagram ‘Stories’, or you could promote the business of a friend, a service that’s helped you out, or maybe a local small business that’s in need of a boost.


  • LinkedIn is developing its own poll option for posts, to help you query your LinkedIn followers on anything and everything. You can add a question, include up to four possible answers, set the poll duration and post it. There is no mention of when the polls will be available to all users.
  • LinkedIn is also testing a new hashtag ‘presentation mode’, which showcases the broader conversation in full-screen format. On a desktop there’s a new option to ‘Enter Full Screen presentation mode’ at the bottom of the list.


  • Twitter is testing a new display format for retweets, that incorporates both retweets and retweets with comments into a single, overall retweet count.


  • TikTok is releasing a new function called ‘Family Pairing’ which will give you more options to manage your kids’ time in the app, and protect them from offensive content and predators.Read more about ‘Family Pairing’ here.

Extra Update

  • Google is making Google Shopping listings available for free. Paid listings will continue to appear in ad slots, and operate as Shopping Ads, but the majority will be displayed based on relevance, and not on bids.


  • Zoom has released a new update in response to their security and privacy concerns. The added protection reduces the capacity for anyone to steal your Zoom data, or access your content. Zoom is also adding a new feature where users can choose which data centre region their account-hosted meetings and webinars use, to give them more control.Click here to download Zoom version 5.0.


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