Social Media Update 6

#CariaSocial Media Update 6

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 Snapchat launched a new painting lens with British artist Damien Hirst to raise funds for partners in health. The new lens lets you create your own spinning painting by pouring different colours to create different affects. Similar to his famous 1990s paintings.


YouTube is experiencing major shifts in viewing behaviour, and is going to provide new advertising options to help marketers tap into consumption trends.

The platform is also adding skippable ads for content that’s casted onto the TV screens and an option for publishers to add paying subscribers to on their YouTube channels at the end of this year to support the news industry.

YouTube has announced the Virtual Graduation Event, with a Commencement Address from Ex President Barack Obama for the class of 2020 that will promote marketing tie-ins and provide a way for people to attend even though they’re stuck at home during COVID-19.


The Australian Government recently outlined a new regulation that forces both Google and Facebook to compensate publishers, when they display their content on their platforms which is due for release in July 2020.

In the past, Google has refused to pay for news content because it provides traffic to these sites. As a result, Google has removed publications who don’t agree to its usage guidelines.


Twitter has launched a new small scale test on iOS which gives warnings on tweet replies that include harmful language. Where a reply includes words or phrases that Twitter has identified as aggressive, harmful or offensive, a prompt appears asking whether you want to revise your response to avoid causing offense.


Facebook launched a new platform called ‘Community Help’ last month, to offer assistance to others within their community, or request help with tasks from locals. You can request and respond to calls for help in relation to food supplies, local resources, and volunteers. Now, Facebook is incorporating ways to donate to blood banks, promote nonprofits and more. The new tool is available in Australia, the US, UK, France, and Canada.

Facebook has published a new set of tips on to help you map out a social media content calendar, and have included a basic content calendar template to include:

  • When to post
  • What to post
  • Where to post

  • Facebook has announced its new oversight board  to guide users on Facebook content rules. The new board includes a range of experts from different fields to help steer the company’s approach.

Facebook Board for Content 2020

  • Facebook has a series of sessions for group admins that are designed to help manage online communities, and facilitate the connection between community leaders. You can view sessions here, and view education sessions here.
  • Facebook has updated its Free Basics internet connection ‘Discover’ to connect 50% of the global population that cannot access the web. Facebook has full control over the platform, and is able to choose the websites users can access.
  • A new setting to stop private Facebook groups going public has been added. Groups with less than 5,000 members could  switch their privacy setting once every 28 days, but the new change means that once a group is switched to ‘private’, you cannot switch the group back to public. This is to protect group member privacy and stop meme groups from baiting new members.


  • Instagram will show Stories and Posts from Health Bodies that you follow in your Stories feed, to help increase COVID-19 updates and information.
  • Instagram is testing a new navigation of your Stories feed to make it easier for you to see stories that may relate more to your interests.



  • Pinterest users have returned to more future-oriented interests such as vacation and event planning.
  • They have published a new 14 page guide called ‘How to Inspire Through Uncertainty
  • Pinterest has announced it has updated thei Shopify app, with a new option to help ecommerce websites to feed their entire product catalog directly into shoppable Pins.
  • Pinterest has added a new set of planning tools within Pins and boards to help you track ideas and inspiration. The new notes option enables you to create lists such as to do lists or ingredients within each board. Pinterest is also adding a new date listing on boards for events and to help archive.


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