Social Media Update 8

#CariaSocial Media Update 8

This week’s update is about the following social media platforms:

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  • Facebook has published a COVID-19 report on the impacts on small to medium business (SMBs). SMBs have taken the hardest hit because they have no safety nets to fall back on like big business has. In the US 3.5 million small businesses will close their doors permanently and a up to 7.5 million within the next five months.
  • Facebook is testing non skippable mid-roll ads that have to play for the first five seconds. Ads in live-streams are being trialled in three formats:
    • A pre-roll ad that runs before the live stream
    • An image ad that appears below the live stream
    • A mid-roll ad that plays in the main video player during the live stream, while the broadcast continues playing in a shrunken window
  • Facebook is launching  the next sessions in its Community Education series.
  • They have launched @shops feature for Facebook and Instagram. Its free and easy to use. You can choose the products you want to feature from your catalog and customise the look with a cover image and accent colours. From the Shop Builder, you can upload your product listings one-by-one, or through your existing eCommerce website. It works with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce using WordPress, ChannelAdvisor, CedCommerce, Cafe24, Tienda Nube and Feedonomics.

I will be filming a video on this feature and have podcasts about how to get your business online, in a Secret Podcast. You will find the form above on this page.

  • Facebook will make it easy for customers to message your business from shop listings, using WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct. They are working code to allow customers to view shop and purchase within a messenger stream. Later this year Facebook plans to add a new shop tab in the navigation bar, to get to Instagram Shop
  • Facebook have put together tips on how the financial services industry can connect with their consumers on social media with an infographic based on Austalia, UK, India, Indonesia, Germany, France, Brazil and Mexico. For the report and infographic I will have links on the Social Media Update 8 on the Cariawatt.com website.
  • Facebook has published a new set of guidelines on the use of music to encourage musical expression but also protect artists, songwriters and their partners. The guidelines for permissible music use cover both Facebook and Instagram. Facebook’ will add new warning prompts in live-streams that will alert creators to music use that may cause restrictions.
  • Facebook has launched 15 New Blueprint Courses on the Blueprint platform such as:



  • Instagram has launched its new wellness ‘Guides that will help selected businesses and creators to highlight recommendations, tips and other content in a new tab. When you view a Guide, you’ll see posts and videos paired with helpful tips and advice. To learn more about a specific post, just tap on the image or video to view the original Instagram post. You can also share a Guide to your story or in Direct Message by tapping on the share button in the upper right corner.


  • LinkedIn has launched its annual State of Sales report, that looks at key market trends and shifts of consumers and sellers across the US. The results show a 77% rise in virtual meetings, 44% decease in consumer purchases and 44% in longer sales cycles.
  • LinkedIn has published a new COVID-19 guide with tips on how to maximise connections with your audience and have included examples on how some brands are responding to the crisis.



  • Twitter have published ways to maximum you brand’s presence. These include:
    Using Website Cards – auto-generated, clickable link preview cards within your tweets, which can help to drive traffic (more about Twitter cards here)
    Keep it simple – Twitter says that brands should be careful to avoid potential ‘exit points’ within their tweets “like unnecessary hashtags or handle mentions – anything that someone can click on that is not the ad [or link] itself”. Twitter has repeatedly advised limiting hashtags in recent months.
    Try video – for better engagement within tweets
    Create Twitter Lists – to keep up with people in your industry, competitors, etc.Twitter has incorporated these, and more tweet tips into a new infographic.


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