Social Media Update 9

#CariaSocial Media Update 9

This week’s update is about the following social media platforms:


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    • Facebook has released a new app called CatchUp for Group Phone Chats where you can see when your friends are online and up for a voice call, and you can join group chats. There’s also an ‘auto-availability’ function that will automatically update your status when you’re connected via Bluetooth.
    • Facebook has changed the name for its Calibra cryptocurrency wallet to “Novi”.  They want to build a secure, digital payment system, which will enable users to exchange funds within Facebook’s apps, free of regular bank charges, while also facilitating rapid transfer between users and businesses.
    • Facebook has launched another experiment with a music collaboration app called ‘Collab’, where you can watch, record, and remix 15-second video clips. You can mix three 15-second video clips to create new music by uploading your own short recordings, or swipe to discover existing clips, and put them together to form new compositions.
  • Facebook has added new AR Tools for images with digital overlays that change in time with audio cues and responds to music.
  • Facebook has also added an option to alter existing photos and videos similar to camera effects with different filters based on the ‘Flower Power’ effect created by Chris Pelk.  You can use the Instagram camera, or within your camera roll, to add digital effects. It’s also adding a new, green screen option.
  • Facebook has released new templates for 2D and 3D stickers, making it easier to create digital sticker effects, while it’s also launched new ‘Effect Stories’ on Instagram for accounts that have published effects.
  • Facebook has announced an expansion of its verification requirements, that will see some people with large followings on personal profiles now asked to undergo identification checks. Read more about Facebook’s profile ID requirements here.
  • Facebook launches another new App that is a live event companion tool called ‘Venue‘ with real-time viewing. The idea is that alerts will be seen around specific moments, fans can watch the event as normal, or check-in to join a trending discussion , to facilitate the second-screen experience.


  • Twitter is  live testing a new DM (Direct Message) chat window on desktop. It provides a Messenger-style, picture-in-picture display for your messaging discussions on the platform.
  • Twitter has given you the option to customise your Twitter list header image. You can create or edit a Twitter list, and add a photo or image in the top frame.
  • You can now  add text descriptions to your images, with a dedicated ‘+ALT’ button displayed on the image. This has major benefits for visually impaired users​ and can also make your images more searchable.
  • Twitter has announced it’s bringing native tweet scheduling and the capacity to save tweet drafts to its desktop app. There is a new ‘Unsent Tweets’ button at the top right of the composer window in the web or desktop app. When tapped, you can access all of your saved tweets.


  • Instagram has announced the next stage of monetization for IGTV, and has added new digital ‘badges’ for IG Live. Viewers will be able to donate money to their favourite broadcasters.
  • Instagram is also testing a new, double-story Stories feed for some users.


  • There’s a new video app called Zynn with almost identical visual style, and features at TikTok. It’s an in-app pyramid scheme where you can earn in-app rewards by watching videos on Zynn, and inviting friends to the app.



  • TikTok has launched a #LearnOnTikTok program to encourage education during lockdowns.Videos outline exercise routines, sleep health tips, instructions on floral arrangements, and lessons on aquatic life.


  • Snapchat is going ahead with its Partner Summit, with a virtual event to be held on June 11th.


  • YouTube has launched its new chapters segmentation display for video clips which is available to all users. Make sure that your first timestamp starts at 0:00 and include at least 3 timestamps or chapters, with each chapter at least 10 seconds long.


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